Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yellow Shorts

Yes this is me again as a child. Not the most stylish person ever. Meme are most funny when you can make fun of yourself.


  1. This picture if you is so cute. I resized you right away in this picture. You still look the same in the picture as you do know.

  2. This is my favorite meme��
    It's funny how we just put the clothes that were available to us on and we never even gave it a second thought.
    I started to really watch how I dressed until I was in high school

  3. So the joke is that a boy is wearing girl clothes? I don't get it lol

    1. A lot of homeschool families prefer their daughters don't wear super short shorts, but for some reason, my mom dressed me in these, which are quite short and also pretty ridiculous looking. Of course now that I've explained it, it's not as funny. Lol.

    2. Those are not girl clothes those are boy clothes. A neighborhood boy wear that exact same outfit that Mr.Handsome has on in that picture.
      And he never had sisters.

  4. I like your idea of clean Christian humor and your little memes are cute. I see you were a young Mr Handsome as well - very cute. At least your mother didn't put a dress on you. Lol.